Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization revolves around having your website getting noticed on the first page of search engine results leading to significant footfalls to its site. How to get your website noticed and placed on the first page of search engine results is the work of an SEO specialist. The first step towards achieving this goal is the creation of an SEO friendly interactive web site rich in content and customer friendly, having customer friendly navigational tools for ease of movement through pages. The next important and vital step is the search engine optimization process and development of appropriate keywords for the products / services sold on the site, and linking the site with online search directories with linkages to the website. By following SEO best practices and using proven methodologies we assure our customers that over time their website would witness increased Traffic flow and Conversion rates boosting their Revenues phenomenally.

Key word Research, on-Page Optimization


With improved algorithms employed by search engines it becomes important to research on appropriate keywords and its selection process. The search engine takes into consideration a number of on – page optimization factors before it considers the ranking for your site. On page optimization has a profound effect on your web site which affects the listing of your website in the natural search engine results page. The actual HTML code, Meta tags, keyword placement and its density besides performing certain tasks to create a search engine friendly site is the challenge that a professional SEO faces on a daily basis.

Link Building, Penalty removal


A professional SEO understands the importance of link building strategy as a tool to attract footfalls to his client’s website. He weaves a diverse web of links to communities, social platforms and interest groups by developing relevant content reflecting the business that attracts an online discussion amongst and with these groups, besides attracting other site users who want to join in the discussion; this helps create back links to your site. In the link building exercise there are possibilities that your site attracts penalty for using techniques outside of Google webmaster guidelines; hence review of links need to be made regularly and the unnatural ones removed.

Local search engine optimization


In a very concise and precise manner it means the method a prospective customer gets information online either about a company, goods or services available nearby at a click of his mouse is what Local SEO means. When designing your webpage, it is imperative that all relevant information is made available that customers would like to know about at any point in time; Coupled with this activity by employing SEO best practices on your website to make the information very clear to the search engines it helps your website achieve high rankings on search engine result pages.

Pay – Per- Click (PPC) Advertising (Paid search Advertising)


In this method of advertising an advertiser pays a website owner whenever his ad is clicked. These banner ads are shown on websites or search engine results who have agreed to show the ads. PPC model is basically linked to affiliate marketing wherein it provides purchase opportunities to people who may be online, and providing a financial incentive to the affiliated partner sites. As it is a pay for performance model it provides the incentive only when a transaction takes place.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media speech bubble on white background.

This is a very effective tool used by marketers effectively as it targets interest groups and communities using the social media platform to air opinions and engage in discussions on relevant topics. Typically, many SEO specialists create content of high quality relevant to the interest group being targeted and has it posted on their sites and encourages the readers to share it amongst their network of friends and followers, based on the richness of the content it attracts a strong fan following that drives traffic to your website.

Lead generation for your business


This can be done in a variety of ways online; placing online feedback forms on your web site helps prospective customers post their comments on it which is received as a e-mail with relevant contact information of the customer; Posting appropriate content related to your business on social media sites and generating leads through customers who “Friends” you on these sites. Placing newsworthy press releases related to your business or industry with News sites that allow you to put a link back to your website help in lead generation, similarly setting up of email-auto responders, or when using a tell-a-friend script all help to generate leads.

Content Development


Content development is a very important activity which plays a significant role in getting your website noticed and helps achieve top of the page slot in search results. It revolves around gathering information, researching, organizing, writing and editing the gathered information business juxtaposed with meaningful insights and information about the business or industry when posted on your site greatly enhances the sites image amongst customers which generates traffic to it and help retain a fan following that would be the envy of competition.

SEO friendly web design


An SEO friendly website attracts the greatest chances to be listed on top page of search results. SEO has to go hand in hand with a great content. An SEO friendly website has heading tags which is the source that provide search engines with your keywords, sitemaps that builds a web of back links through your web site and helps users to easily access pages on the site, Meta tags which helps your website to be understood, A great content uniquely written that matches the images around it in terms of wording, user friendly navigation tools, URLs rich in keywords, all help to design a SEO friendly web site.